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Who is MasterChef Gary?

“MasterChef Gary,” is the alter ego of entrepreneur and Black Men In Founder & Publisher Gary Johnson.  Gary markets himself as a “Certified” Cucumber & Tomato Specialist and the self-proclaimed Director of International Sales & Marketing for the All-in-One Master Tonic.

Don't get it twisted!  MasterChef Gary can cook!  He is best known for his "MasterChef Gary Premium Organic Seasoning" featuring his "Original Cucumber and Tomato Recipe" and his Spicy "Vu-Doo" (Michelle inspired) seasonings. 

In February 2019, Gary got the idea to develop a seasonings and mixing them with the All-In-One Master Tonic to make a healthy snack to eat instead of "junk food" type snacks.  He started creating a seasoning blend for cucumbers and tomatoes.  He provided samples to friends and co-workers.  Their positive reactions inspired Gary to perfect his spices and create a multi-purpose line of seasonings.   

The first store to jump on the MasterChef Gary bandwagon was Herbal Infusion Health & Wellness ( in Fort Washington, MD.  They started selling the spices in their store and worked with Gary to get his costs down and meet customer demand.  The rest as they say, is history.

Gary is also the author of the book “25 Things That Really Matter In Life,”:  A Quick and Comprehensive Guide To Making Your Life Better—Today! 

Articles On Plant-Based Diets

When it comes to making food choices, everyone has their own goals  and their own rate of change. Some people cut out animal products  entirely, while others start by including more plant foods, and going  from there. The bottom line is that every time you choose “more plants”  you are making a positive choice. And contrary to what most diet plans  will tell you, every positive step counts.  

Info courtesy "The Game Changer"

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 I know you're busy, but good food and healthy food take a little more time to prepare.  Everyone's dietary needs and styles are unique.  You can cook healthy and tasty meals in 30 minutes or less.  MasterChef Gary has spices and recipes that will meet your goals and lifestyle!  

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