Seafood Saturday - Air Fried Lobster Tails and Salmon

MasterChef Gary cooks lobster tails and salmon in the air fryer.  Side dishes include a gourmet pre-sliced baked potato and a side salad with jumbo shrimp.

MasterChef Gary's Southern Style Vegetarian Tomato Soup

Check out this hearty and tasty vegetarian soup.  This is a different kind of mix.

MasterChef Gary Cooks Up Rotisserie-Air Fried Chicken

The Shelter-In-Place orders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have  forced me to get creative with my cooking.  Here we have a quick chicken  dish.  Chicken cooked in my Air Fryer Rotisserie oven and then trimmed  from the bone and breaded and placed in the air fryer cooked to a  crunchy perfection. 

MasterChef Gary Testimonials

MasterChef Gary makes personal appearances to promote his "MasterChef  Gary Premium Organic Seasonings."  People love his food dishes and  spices.  Listen to what a few folks have to say and watch a slideshow of  some of MasterChef Gary's favorite dishes.  

MasterChef Gary Goes Back In Time

MasterChef Gary goes back in time and wonders out loud how people in the  past would have reacted to his MasterChef Gary Premium Organic  Seasoning line.  Through the magic of technology, MasterChef Gary goes  back to the year 1941.  A group of people who used the MasterChef Gary  seasoning started doing the "Lindy Hop" dance.   

MasterChef Gary Talks Plant-Based Nutrition

MasterChef Gary talks about plant-based nutrition and launches a video  slideshow of tasty plant-based meals that he prepared with his  MasterChef Gary Premium Organic seasoning and the All-In-One Master Tonic. 

MasterChef Gary and Jr. Chef Olivia Welcome a Special Guest

MasterChef Gary and Jr. Chef Olivia welcome "Daddy Christopher" to the  kitchen as Chef Gary showcases some of his new recipe dishes.  Check out  MasterChef Gary's Brussels Sprouts & Spinach dish, or his Maryland  Crab Mac & Cheese, or the Olive Salad, the Vegan Pasta and more.   Visit for more recipe ideas and to watch more  MasterChef Gary videos and testimonials. 

MasterChef Gary Introduces the Breakfast Salad

MasterChef Gary is always "thinking out of the box."  In this video, MasterChef Gary talks about his breakfast salad and showcases pictures of some of his favorite meal creations.

MasterChef Gary Testimonials

Here's what people are saying about MasterChef Gary's food dishes.  These folks are sharing their reaction to the MasterChef cucumber recipe using the MasterChef Gary premium seasoning and spices.

Vegan Pasta Dishes by MasterChef Gary

MasterChef Gary prepares 3 pasta dishes with plant based protein "meat," and other dishes that Vegans can eat.  These meals are seasoned with the MasterChef Gary Premium Organic Spices and Seasoning.

The Many Dishes of MasterChef Gary

MasterChef Gary and his Quality Control Manager, Jr. Chef Olivia, show you the many meals prepared by MasterChef Gary with his premium spices and seasonings and the All-In-One Master Tonic.

MasterChef Gary's Many Food Dishes

This is a short video featuring pictures of MasterChef Gary's food dishes, premium spices and seasonings and personal appearances.

MasterChef Gary Visits the "Beyond The Mask Symposium"

MasterChef Gary prepared his famous cucumbers and chili dish using his premium spices and seasoning for the Beyond the Mask:  Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness Symposium event which  was held in Waldorf, MD in November 2019, featuring Dr. Shakiera  Hockaday-Bey, Dr. Donna Welch and Candace Camille.  Visit

MasterChef Gary Gets New Spice Containers

MasterChef Gary gets new spice containers for his premium seasonings and spice blends.

MasterChef Gary at Food and Wine Festival

MasterChef Gary dazzle patrons with FREE samples of his cucumber and tomato dishes infused with All-One-Master Tonic and seasoned with the MasterChef Gary Premium spices and seasonings.  The event was held at the Fall Feast 2019 Wine, Food & Music Festival at the Bowie Town Center in Bowie, MD.

To Swish or Not Swish: Ask Mohamed The Distributor of the M

In an exclusive interview with Gary Johnson, Mohamed Alli, the Founder  of the "All-In-One Master Tonic" talks about the health benefits of this  magic elixir and answers the most asked question: "What is the benefit  of swishing the tonic in your mouth?"  The Master Tonic is a constant compliment to MasterChef Gary's Premium Spices and Seasoning.

MasterChef Gary Spice Pack Promo

Whether he's on the bike trail, a farmer's market or his own kitchen, MasterChef Gary is dedicated to preparing healthy and tasty food dishes, using his MasterChef Gary Premium Organic seasonings and spices.  Take look here.

MasterChef Gary Johnson Introduces New Cucumber Recipe Mix

MasterChef Gary Johnson introduces 3 new cucumber mixes used with the All-In-One Master Tonic.  The cucumber mixes used the MasterChef Gary Premium spices and seasoning blend.

Former Child Star Little Elzie Patterson Visits MasterChef

This is a compilation or 'best of" video featuring fictitious characters Little  Elzie Patterson and MasterChef Gary with cameos by MasterChef Gary's  Quality Control Manager (QCM) Olivia.  MasterChef Gary's Premium seasoning and spices are the key ingredients in his recipe dishes. 

MasterChef Gary Premium Spices and Seasonings

MasterChef Gary, shares a refreshing and hydrating smoothie recipe using the All-In-One Master Tonic.